The non-agreement – A missed opportunity

While Europe needs growth more than ever and difficulties are being experienced in the implementation of the EU 2020 strategy, the twenty-seven Member States have failed to reach an agreement at the Extraordinary Council on the Multiannual Financial Framework on 22 and 23 November 2012.

The non-agreement last week was a missed opportunity: a very poor political signal vis-à-vis the citizens that are awaiting urgent decisions for growth and the markets that need to be reassured regularly by the political decision-makers.” Stated Eleni Marianou, Secretary General.

The CPMR has repeatedly underlined the lack of ambition of a reduced budget that penalises Cohesion Policy disproportionately when in fact cohesion is the only investment and development policy capable of achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy at territorial level, thereby helping to lay the foundations that can ensure the prosperity of European citizens.

Our regions hope that the European Council can really reach an agreement on the Multiannual Financial Framework early in 2013 before Cohesion Policy is hammered by the newest mid–term growth projections, that would mathematically reduce the regional allocations by €15 to 20 billion before the negotiations even begin ! Not to mention that the risk of not reaching an agreement would create a climate of instability for the regions and would inevitably delay the start of operational programmes.” Concluded Eleni Marianou.


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